Delmar Foundry

History of the De Luca brothers' foundry begins into the Posillipo Caverns: a "geography" of huge and cyclopic tufa rocks. Its surroundings has got an undefinable awesomeness: very high caverns which pursue each other like in a maze, where the so far sky appears through the cracks of the rocks and where it is possible to realize works of various dimensions and even of huge proportions.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity of admiring a fountain, a group, a bronze statue in a square of some cities like London or Chicago, and if you are so curious to look for the foundry name, you will surely fmd out that in most of the cases it is a piece made in Naples.

A job without rules nor machines, made up of intuition and magic, could not be bom anywhere else but in Naples: here where castings have their famous ancestores in findings of Ercolanum and Pompei, and where an important archaeological museum like the one we have here, which is among the best in the world, has always offered an exceptionel heritage to reproduce.

With this hinterland of culture and experience, the statue making art, which gives life to lamps, cups, tripods, fauns and satyrs, refined its style time after time and made Neaples be identified with any reproduction bound above all to the Graeco-Roman art.

Certainly, the presence of large archaeological areas and then that of famous museums encouraged the birth and the reinforcement of a lot of foundries, but this unique heritage, more than the availability of hundreds of moulds, is given by skilled experience of a handful of artisans, among them Attilio De Luca, known all over the world for his wonderful and monumental masterpieces.

It is in Attilio De Luca's name that we bring this fantastic adventure on.

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